Why choose Best Mortgages?

    Getting the best deal on your mortgage can save you thousands of dollars. With so many lenders offering a huge range of products and services, how do you choose which one is right for you?

    Mortgage Advisers

    It’s tempting to be swayed by low-rate specials or giveaways, but choosing the best deal is not just about the up-front rewards. It’s about structuring a mortgage that suits your lifestyle now and your goals for the future. Whether that’s allowing you enough financial wiggle-room to start a family or take the odd holiday, or whether you want to knuckle down and pay off the debt extra fast, we’ll be able to find you a mortgage that enables you to achieve life’s big goals.

    What we do

    At Best Mortgages, we take the stress and guesswork out of finding the mortgage that suits you best. We use our experience with a wide range of New Zealand’s best lenders to identify which ones offer you the best deal, saving you the time and effort of independently researching every option on the market.

    We don’t just help you find the best mortgage. We’ll go that extra step further, offering you:

    • Education on the different types of loan products available, and a recommendation for the best loan structure to suit your needs.
    • Assistance with deciding how much to offer on the property you wish to buy.
    • Advice on whether your chosen property meets the lender’s security requirements.

    Why you should choose an independent advisor

    As an independent advisor, Best Mortgages works for you. Our advantages are:

    • Knowledge of all the different lenders’ credit policies. We’ll make sure your application is presented to the lenders that will give you the best terms and fewest conditions.
    • Comprehensive knowledge of the best available rates. We shop around, so you don’t have to.
    • Consistent ongoing service from a dedicated adviser.
    • Expert advice about the best way to structure your home loan to suit your current and future goals.

    Give us a call today to discover the benefits of getting your loan arranged by Best Mortgages.